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Upgrade your Lateral Flow Assays with an automated interpretation

We have built a complete app reader with advanced AI technology that enables automatic evaluation of lateral flow assays.

The Flowify® app simplifies the data measurement and documentation of test cassettes applicable to a wide variety of fields as: healthcare, nutrition, veterinary, aviation and more.

What is Flowify?

Easy way to read out lateral flow assays

Flowify® is an app built for reading test cassettes. The modern AI integrated in the app allows us to obtain, gather and analyse the information digitally and immediately in the most accurate way. Making it convenient for everyone looking for a mobile read-out for rapid tests as well as a platform that collects all testing details.

One app - multiple opportunities. Flowify® is suitable for a vast variety of tests. And we keep on training and improving our AI everyday.

Lateral flow tests (LFA) are part of our daily life before the outbreak of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). They offer an ideal platform for quick and easy application in the point-of-care area. These sort of tests can help to diagnose, prevent a disease and monitor your health.

With Flowify® you can evaluate these lateral flow assays with ease and as many as you wish.

Quantification as accurate as a stationary device

Concept and Performance

Take a look at our Performance Data and discover for yourself how Flowify® can empower your business.

In addition, we provide detailed performance data of Flowify® for machine learning enthusiasts in the diagnostic field and to demonstrate our efficiency.

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What can Flowify® offer?

Summary of main benefits

We have several powerful plans to showcase your rapid tests to your customers and get discovered by many more. Contact us for a demo trial.


Highly efficient AI algorithm, quick as the camera flash. Measure the results anytime and anywhere you want!


Lab-level read-out, insusceptible to random background interference. Overcome the reading barrier for many users.


Covering almost all cassettes types. Beneficial for numerous sectors. We can easily adjust our AI to fit to your products.


The read out can be performed with just a smartphone in the palm of your hands! Save budget for better optimization of production.


Test history, frequency, analysis, prognosis and more - all integrated in one platform. Direct communication channel to your customers.


You don't have to worry - we'll make sure your results are managed securely, no matter when or where you test - even offline.


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The best way to grant access to all of your rapid tests in one app. If you are looking for a powerful app reader for your business and would like to find out more about how can Flowify® benefit you. Drop us a message.